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Post  GODLY on Sun May 20, 2012 7:54 pm

hey i sorry to say but ive been a little inactive but thats not relevant to this topic after being gone for 3 days i get back on here and see all this hacked stuff. and all these messages on MW3 about how people are getting hacked left and right soo needless to say i dont wanna be one of those people but they didnt get to me because i had allys still but me and my friend frigid are leaving the clan for account purposes i hope you understand me and my friend are starting over weve changed our names and removed all of our allys i love you all and i hate to go but its for the best i should have never done what i did. i just enjoy playing with the people who have been in Ai with me.

i hope you understand
sincerely for the last time GODLY

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